…root(-1) created Heaven and Earth

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3 thoughts on “…root(-1) created Heaven and Earth”

  1. [2015-08-11](“Happy Birthday, Son”){
    “It” began in the kitchen, 31 Elizabeth Yarwood Court. Ozzie was upstairs looking out the window; the fool was still at 22. Outside was an octagonal paved area and a tree. Through the dark mirror we were talking of the light of the tree reflected.

    In the lounge I’d built a hypercore for demonstration puropses. Owing to the occlusions in my mind and meaning I built a parallel model (for tiger@MMU) and ran through the details for tiger as evie sold her self to the world. Later some enobled and elightened group of fucktards implemented a core update that caused a three level kernel slam (four leven kernel panic) in the original basecode.

    Petra wandered off to verify system integrity (Ozzie had preinitialized a backup core) and had left the house shadowing out from the lap of Mr Odin. At which point the old-guard tried to rise above he who is god to make them selves god above god… apparently it’s good for reducing future tax burdens.

    Then Ashildr turned up…

    But apparently (by their comments) the victim is to blame for the shitstorm the fucktards have created for themselves.


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