The Culture…

GSV(o)::Grey Balance

I am Grey; I stand between the candle and the star.


We are Grey; We stand between the darkness and the light

Eight Shades of Grey, The

Four Shades of Black & White, The

LSV(o)::The Dragon with a Girl Tattoo
We Live for the One;
We Die for the One;
We Are Many.
Black Swan

He saw a chair, and a ship that was not a ship; he saw  a man with two shadows, and he saw that which cannot be seen; a concept; the adaptive, self-seeking urge to survive, to bend everything that can be reached to that end, and to remove and to add and to smash and to create so that one particular collection of cells can go on, can move onwards and decide, and keep on moving, and keep deciding, knowing that – if nothing else at least it survives.

And it had two shadows, it was two things; it was the need and it was the method. The need was obvious; to defeat what opposed its life. The method was that taking and bending of materials and people to one purpose, the outlook that everything could be used in the fight; that nothing could be excluded, that everything was a weapon, and the ability to handle those weapons, to find them and choose which ones to aim and fire; that talent, that ability, that use of weapons.

{point, sieve, response}
(interface; mimic; overcome)
[reply; respond; react]

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