Have you ever read the Prinicipa Discordia? Ever contemplated the meaning within the parable of  Starbucks pebbles?

Many times I see people malign the magick of others and evoke spurious reason and dark logic to throw down and curse those who maintain a faith in the Three-fold Law. Well I’m a chaote, a magician of the real; psychology, sociology, behaviourism, etc. are as much part of my Way as the more esoteric mechanisms usually associated with magic such as with candles, herbs, Tarot cards, and crystals. From observation (I observe the results of my magicks, natch) I’ve developed a rule of understanding. A thing that truly resolves to my understanding of the power of three.

The point of Starbuck’s pebbles is with regards to the reflections of meaning in a random *chaotic* environment. The idea of the Three-fold Law resonates with me owing to a fetish for complex topology… Beyond topology, however, the idea made me think. Who cares if it’s just patterns in the sand. The lens I create augments my mind-sense. Fundamental Laws are irrelevant.


Firsty as an abstract of higher consciousness THREE is an fascinating number. There is always more than one way to do it; Never trust a man who has only read one book; Beware of universal absolutes etc. etc. Look at the world can you see the THREES? Neo, Trinity, Smith and the story of The Matrix; the Christian doctrine on directing your prayer to the Father, Mother, Son; The classic three of three destiny track of the Star Wars movies; Maiden-Mother-Crone; etc. etc., the list goes on (I’m sure others will spot more). There’s also that point that planting in a garden looks more aesthtically pleasing with odd numbers, hence three certainly has an aesthetic. And few can fail to appreciate the magical power of the trinity knot and the triskelion.

Secondly, THREE is a good place to protect yourself. Physically, Emotionally, and Psychologically. The excessionary geometry of an Outside Context Problems dictates a 1:1 mapping in response to manifestations of external force, lest YOU cause an escalation. Never attribute to malice that which may adequately be described by ignorance, etc.; therefore: respond in equal measure to that which was evoked at thee. Query a warning if twice? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me! So on the third stroke I’ll register my shame on thee times… (!understood?) A touch war like I admit it; but turned the other way, with an air of sensitivity, it’s a way that has earned me many noble titles.

Finally, and here is where we seriously begin to consider magical outcomes, consider a particle memetic structure (a whole bunch of words one might, for instance, call a SPELL). Once it’s closed inside itself, like a circle collapsed into a point, it may be catapulted through the ‘sub-ether’ and released upon it’s intended target. Like a stone hitting a pond there will be ripples. Only… When do you stop counting? When do you allow best judgement to allow you to release your inner awareness of your magick?

Real or imaginary, heart-song or supernatural effect, magic needs limits. It’s polite, decent, and avoids other getting drawn into dark feuds propagated by the most uncouth practitioners of magic. So one should ensure any magicks you evoke draw to a closed circle. But there’s no one point in nature when anything can be said to be done; finished; over. Merely a point on a statistical turning curve. Radiological decay. Half life.

For body, mind, and spirit, the awareness of a three-times return allows you to feel both vindicated and relieved. You’ve seen your magick work… You counted to three… Now let go your JUSTICE if you were looking for JUSTICE. Accept JUDGEMENT if you were looking for JUDGEMENT. And you who turn THE WHEEL look to Phlebas and consider THE HERMIT windward.

And then you’re free to just get on with peace and love and happiness stuff etc.

Only can you quantify a feeling? Can you truly make sense out of subjective phenomena? Given that we do, and it’s JUST that we do so, where can we draw the lines and learn valid learning, infer valid inference, and so on. In answer, let me offer you a metaphor with a twist of humour, before you trip over that event horizon and head off into primal-chaos.  To do so we evoke irrational numbers, transcendental numbers used to draw order from the chaos of irrational mankind.

Objective intelligence tells us a thing seen three times is THREE. But was that 2.71828… or 3.1415… it’s just a feeling, one could be being a bit irrational. Compounding the situation will only make it worse… there could be no end to it. It’s just a feeling… remember, you tell me. One should ensure any magicks evoked draw to a closed circle… only… is it enough.

So ask yourself, is the circle closed? Could you metaphorically verify PI for instance, and if so to how many decimal places. When you’ve truly squared the circle, magically speaking, you’ve proved your magick void negative; as there’s an end to it, it’ll eventually stop drawing down power. Though the ripples of magical causality will continue to propagate to infinity the function reduces to a finite CLOSED state. A head lead by the heart, however, has the ability to compound itself and continue to draw down power, never closing that circle. Such magicks are void positive; as the function expands to a infinite OPEN state

If you’re aware of Euler’s Identity there’s an additional amusing metaphor to be found, one that feeds back on itself in an amusing way (my lover was good enough to be greatly amused when I got so much silly fun from her course notes). The imaginary number used to unlock domains of thought and feeling. A way to find stuff unseen, know stuff previously unknown.  More on this at a later date most probable…

Back to Starbuck’s pebbles again. Without a doubt a three fold approach to my magicks (that which effects) resonates with the magic (that which is effected) in a positive sense. But if I hadn’t have looked would there have been anything there to see… Is what I see an artefact of my own mind? Is it an artefact of the energy of the universe; an inherent property of magic so to speak? Or could it, as I believe, be both. Indeed, would I have seen any of this if the belief in the Three-fold Law had remained occluded…

The truth is irrelevant. The circle is complete.

I walk the synchronicity highway. Watch as realities blend and blurr to my hand. There is no coincidence. Three-fold Law was just another dogma destined for my inner Karma Drama Dharma Lama. As with all things I accept it on my own terms.

As with all magick such things may be inverted against you so be aware. Your mileage may vary. Debit and Credit mean different thing depending on your absolute perspective with respect to the relative dimension of chartered accountants.

This paragraph contains a memetic virus; the identified authoring entity accepts no responsibility for changes in executive functions caused by improper use; All paragraphs to which it is attached are likely infected in a similar manner. [#x2K]




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