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…root(-1) created Heaven and Earth

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In the beginning…

The Fool

The fool is the spirit in search of experience; the mystical cleverness, bereft of reason, that resides within us; the childlike ability to tune into the inner workings of the world. The suitcase represents all the possessions the fool may need. The dog represents the calling of the real world, and the rose by the side of the road represents purity and innocence along with the fool’s appreciation of beauty.

It’s a time of beginnings as the fool steps out on her journey. It’s personal but she wants to draw the world in to share the experience. Spontaneous and innocent perhaps, she steps out into an ordered – albeit chaotic – world, one eager to teach her the ways of this order. The dog barks: she hears echoes of the world she came from, in the distance others make their presence felt, others eager to welcome the fool into the fold.

The shadow of the fool steps into darkness. The deeper elements of her psyche move around and rearrange themselves away from the light. She has reached a turning point on the spiral path of individuation and has begun a journey into self-understanding. Instinct drives the fool into the unknown as the fool’s vision of the future directs the steps she takes. As the fool’s understanding grows much will be revealed. The darkness will still remain; only the power it holds over the fool will wane as enlightenment dawns.