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Have you ever read the Prinicipa Discordia? Ever contemplated the meaning within the parable of  Starbucks pebbles?

Many times I see people malign the magick of others and evoke spurious reason and dark logic to throw down and curse those who maintain a faith in the Three-fold Law. Well I’m a chaote, a magician of the real; psychology, sociology, behaviourism, etc. are as much part of my Way as the more esoteric mechanisms usually associated with magic such as with candles, herbs, Tarot cards, and crystals. From observation (I observe the results of my magicks, natch) I’ve developed a rule of understanding. A thing that truly resolves to my understanding of the power of three.

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Shadow of the Blue Cube

Once upon a time a man who had lost faith found himself sitting in an otherwise empty tavern pondering the reflections of the life he had left behind him. Asking himself the hard questions about different pasts, different futures, and the world he could see reflected in the mirrors behind the bar. A woman enters. And as the barman fills her order casual social intercourse begins. The man at the bar is drawn in, and a conversation starts. The barman is soon draw away. Yet the conversation continues.

The conversation meanders until the man smiles and remembers. His voice falters and he stutters to silence. He puts the thought behind him and takes a deep calming breath. Looking through the mirrors in front of him into the world behind him he picks up his glass and apologises. Commenting that, for a moment, nothing appeared to be quite what it seemed to be. The woman smiles and begins to tell a story.
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