Grey Balance




XI – Strength…

Ø – if in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one person to levy a charge against an other and seek a change in the Karmic affect of the Universe with respect to that other, one need only outline one’s position rationally and to place that petition before Astrea, Goddess of Justice.  Be thou warned:  having awoken a power one similarly becomes susceptible to that power…  My Lady is full of wise insight and is no Fool.  Truly Hers is the domain of Temperate Judgement.  So once more take heed: those who treat with dark purpose or ill intent will be struck down with cold vengeance and righteous anger…  such is the way of The Law

XI – Justice!
XII – The Hanged Man…

I Ching II

Roll Play…

If the 1d20 is an even number
   if the 1d8  = 1      --X--  [6]moving yin 
                                 (1/16 probability)
   if the 1d8  = 2 - 8  -- --  [8]yin 
                                 (7/16 probability)
If the 1d20 is an odd number:
     if the 1d8 = 1 - 5  --––– [7]yang
                                 (5/16 probability)
     if the 1d8 = 6 - 8  --O-- [9]moving yang
                                 (3/16 probability)
Moving Lines
    --X--  ::  -- --     ---->     -----
    --O--  ::  -----     ---->     -- --



The Oracle

Something began almost a year ago.  On Monday the shadows swarmed around as they have for days.  A line was drawn and a new beginning occurred.  Today we ran the numbers.  Two d20s (red & blue, and white) and a single d8 (red & blue); and the answer would be as follows: oracle(2016-04-07)

We see more than you could imagine.  Feel more than you could believe.  We know more now… remember that.  Time is the simplest thing… remember that too.

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