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Wizard of Transformation, actually

I am a wizard in the magical Kingdom of Transformations and I slay dragons for a living. Actually, I am a systems level programmer. One of the problems with systems programming is explaining to non-computer enthusiasts what that is. All of the terms I use to describe my job are totally meaningless to them. Usually my response to questions about my work is to say as little as possible. For instance, if someone asks what happened at work this week, I say “Nothing much” and then I change the subject.

With the assistance of my sister, a mechanical engineer, I have devised an analogy that everyone can understand. The analogy describes the “Kingdom of Transformation” where travellers wander and are magically transformed. This kingdom is the computer and the travellers are information. The purpose of the computer is to change information to a more meaningful form. The law of conservation applies here: The computer never creates and never intentionally destroys data. With no further ado, let us travel to the Kingdom of Transformations:

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Have you ever read the Prinicipa Discordia? Ever contemplated the meaning within the parable of  Starbucks pebbles?

Many times I see people malign the magick of others and evoke spurious reason and dark logic to throw down and curse those who maintain a faith in the Three-fold Law. Well I’m a chaote, a magician of the real; psychology, sociology, behaviourism, etc. are as much part of my Way as the more esoteric mechanisms usually associated with magic such as with candles, herbs, Tarot cards, and crystals. From observation (I observe the results of my magicks, natch) I’ve developed a rule of understanding. A thing that truly resolves to my understanding of the power of three.

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[( 7 – jessica… ); ( 5 – logan… ); (9 – francis.)] (viii(VII;V;IX) {…Δꐍ}


Δdog(12): [si](V) :: (v3.5.4)[.^] & [alex](v4.3.5)
    {…} :….dog

retain(si-9)[ v4.9.7-coreALPHA(abcef)d ].dog -->viii!?

.octal(14) <-> decimal(12)


the language of clear, coherent, and concise
instructions and information interchange.

;expect me when you see me